You like music, but know that you’re no Pavarotti? Believe me, neither is any of us choristers! But we can and do sing all of the following;

  • Hymns (and Arias) in the Welsh tradition
  • Jazz classics and gospel numbers
  • Songs from the Shows
  • Sentimental songs and ballads
  • Choruses from the great operas
  • Traditional songs from Way Back When
  • …and even the odd latest hit


I‘d like to, but I can’t read music –

Join the club! The choir is given full training to learn new music and rehearsal cds are provided so you can practice at home (or sing a long in the car!).

I’ve never sung except at the pub or in the bath –

Well, now’s the time to start!

I’d sooner listen to people who can sing –

But there’s nothing quite like the feeling you get when it’s YOU that is helping to make this wonderful sound, and feeling it from the inside.

For further details of how to join us, phone:

Andy Morris, chairman, on 029 2055 3216 or 07909 794950′

Alternatively, e-mail us.

WARNING ! Although singing with the Cardiff Male Choir is fun, and very good for your health, it may be ADDICTIVE, and some members find that once started, you may not be able to stop!  😉

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