Posted by: cardiffmalechoir | June 2, 2022

San Antonio Mastersingers

The Choir will be giving a warm Welsh welcome to the San Antonio Mastersingers from Texas who will be joining us for a concert at St Teilo’s Church, Whitchurch, on Friday 17th June. This concert has been previously postponed because of the Covid restrictions but now we are all set to go.


  1. This was posted on fb following the concert on 17th June 2022 wanted to share

    I’ve been singing with the San Antonio San Antonio Mastersingers for 15 years, and have had many incredible experiences, but this evening was, I think, the most special. We sang with the Cardiff Male Choir, and I will never forget the warmth and hospitality of these lovely people. After our concert, they invited us to participate in their ’Afterglow,’ a gathering of fellowship, food and drink, and best of all, singing! There was so much joy and laughter in that room where strangers quickly became friends. Music truly does have the power to change the world. When it was time to leave, one of my new friends gifted me with a copy of their little songbook of favorites they sing during Afterglow. It is the souvenir I will treasure most from this trip.
    They gathered outside to wave goodbye to our buses as we departed, and I had tears in my eyes as it seemed far too soon to go.

    There is a special magic to travel, because although when you visit a new place you leave a piece of your heart behind, somehow, you go back home with your heart bigger than it was before.

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