Posted by: cardiffmalechoir | July 1, 2008

French connection gets stronger

The choir on stage at the choral featival in Nantes‘UNFORGETTABLE’ TRIP TO NANTES

The early hours of Monday morning saw Cardiff Male Choir back in their home city after what many are describing as the best tour we’ve had.

A return visit after L’Ensemble Vocal de la Houssiniere’s successful Cardiff trip in November 2007, we were awe-struck by the generosity and hospitality we received from our hosts in our twin-city.

The visit featured two concerts, one at L’Eglise St Martin de Chantenay on the outskirts of the city. The second was at the imposing Chateau des Duc de Bretagne where we were guests of honour in a day-long choral festival.

For a taste of our performances, Geoffrey Wilkins, partner of Envol’h chairman, Elisabeth Desobry and ace photographer had this to say:

Cardiff Male Choir was electrifying. Their performance was so good, it gave me goose pimples and made my hairs stand on end. It was a knock out! I’m no music critic, so I’ll have to share my uninformed opinions in layman’s words. What I loved about this choir was the way its different voices; baritone, tenor, bass, all played their own part in every piece they sang, but all hung together too. There was no imbalance in sound. It was always a single choir with a single voice merging its sounds across different vocal ranges in a way that sounded homogeneous and harmonious. It was like an orchestra where the sounds of the tympani, the violin and the piccolo may be distinct, but where each makes its contribution to an overall single musical sound.

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  1. Dear Sirs, Got in touch with Charles last July during one of your concerts in Nantes. He suggested our amateur choir, POLIFONIA, could contact you to come and sing in our twin-town. Our repertoire is mostly classical. Some form of exchange or of concerts in common could be possible. If so, we may get support from the city of Nantes. We would be pleased to hear from you.
    Yours Sincerely,
    François Koch, vice-chairman of the choir.

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